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Onlne Studies Essay

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Online Education – It works!

As technology advanced over the last decades, the use of computers for training and educational programs has increased.   As a response to these advances, the numbers of traditional colleges and online universities have been on a steady rise since the 90s.   According to Columbia University’s Community College Research Center, for example, about seven million students — about a third of all those enrolled in college — are enrolled in what the center describes as traditional online courses. (http://www.ies.ncsu.edu). These degree programs are not just technology classes but just about any major traditional schools offer.   Despite the numerous advantages of online education, there are also some worries and issues pertaining to the quality of the education given and whether people can really learn without being in an actual classroom.   Even with these disadvantages, online education is a major trend amongst students worldwide.  
Colleges offering degree or certificate programs are popular since they are the solution to many dilemmas of traditional college students. The idea of taking courses from just about anywhere was an appeal to students who couldn’t attend traditional schools due to various reasons.   One of the most popular issues students faced with attending classes in person was economical.   With lower income families, living on campus isn’t an option for many students and the costs of transportation can be troublesome for many.   Due to a recent recession, many people were forced to cut expenses that later on caused them to have to drop out of school or find an alternative – going online.
Also, due to the same recession in 2008, many people lost their jobs and were forced into lower paying positions.   Some people are still unemployed because many of the new jobs being created now require a college degree.   While some students prefer to be in a classroom, many enjoy the convience of being able to sign in to classes anywhere and...

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