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Open Source vs Closed Source Software Essay

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Is Open Source Technology better than Closed Source Technology ?..

Open Source
Open source technology is an often-misused term; too often, users often think open source is synonymous with free. With the relatively recent rise of the Internet’s influence on production and development of software, open source has become a popular vehicle to obtain widespread use and support of some very popular software titles.
Open source technology is defined as the production and development philosophy of allowing end users and developers to not only see the source code of software, but modify it as well. The Linux operating system is a one of the best-known examples of open source software technology.
Open source software is based around the idea that the user can not only view, but change the source code of an application.
True-open-source development requires that a community of software engineers band together to work on the software. The idea is that more minds create better software. Open-source programs always include source code for those interested in peering into how the program does what it does and possibly contributing to the development effort.
The software and source code are available without cost or obligation.
Open-source models vary by source-code-license terms. Source-code licensing only matters if you intend to modify or reuse the source code in any way. These issues are not relevant to most of us.
The topic of source-code licensing is fairly detailed and complex. There are several widely used licenses placing restrictions on how the source code may be used.

Closed Source
Closed-source programs are owned by someone (or some organization) and distributed through a variety of retail channels including the owner's website. If the program is in the form of shareware, a fully functional version of the program can be installed and run. There may be a limited period of time after which the software will disable itself.
The concept of...

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