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Operation Iraqi Freedom Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Final Paper: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Juan Lizama
June 19, 2012
Nancy Long

Operation Iraqi Freedom
In September 11, 2001 the United States (US) was attacked by terrorist, and changed America forever. It also altered and heightened the security of the country. After the Taliban were defeated out of Afghanistan, president Bush, and his administration sought to other problems around the world. President Bush saw Iraq as the next fight in terrorism. The administration had to somehow convinced the United Nations (UN) that Iraq is not respecting and upholding the laws that they were supposed to be abiding by. The United States determined the defiance in terrorism, sanctions, and weapons of mass destruction, were sufficient violations for waging a war with Iraq.
Saddam Hussein is known to be a dictator and a brutal man. He used terrorism tactics on his own people and surrounding countries. Newsweek interviewed a former prisoner and a citizen of Iraq that was wrongfully imprisoned. “the lucky ones were executed right away. The rest were tortured with electric cattle prods and forced to watch the prison guards gang rape their wives and sisters.” Liu et al. (2003). This is one example of Saddam Hussein’s torture and terror. Iraq was one of the leading nations in the world of violations of human rights, during a three-decade time phase. The dictator ruled with an iron fist, and did not care what others countries thought of Iraq. Saddam Hussein and the United States did not have a great relationship. In 1991, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Former president George W Bush challenged Saddam, and with a coalition of other countries, ousted Saddam from Kuwait. Kuwait is a small country, but it is wealthy with oil. The oil is what Saddam Hussein was after and was the main reason for invading Kuwait. The dictator also started a ten-year war for the same reasons with Iran, and it is believed that over a half million lives were lost in the conflict. This war...

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