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Opinions Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: History
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It’s impossible to make everyone happy because we all have different perspectives on our way of life. As Tom Junod began to put the pieces of The Falling Man together, he must have seen the mixed emotions and upcoming opinions in the distance, but was not concerned. Analyzing his work, I don’t think he had an intended audience to begin with because regardless of who ended up reading the article, it ultimately affected everyone one way or another. Within the article he addressed specifically 9/11 victims, families, and artists. Due to the different beliefs, values, and ideas people have, it is difficult to connect with everyone. Therefore, Junod set out his own opinions hoping to build a relationship somehow with a few people reading his article.
Knowing this article would be a difficult read on many Americans, he needed a purpose before he could publish it. The purpose behind publishing this article was to inform, communicate, and eventually give alter point of views, and possibly changing one’s mind by the end of article. I think he wanted to see that The Falling Man is now part of our history, making it   a piece of art.
Junod only waited two years to publish The Falling Man after 9/11 took place. In my opinion, that may have been too soon because ultimately everyone in the world was affected by this tragic event. Also, because Junod mentioned the families directly, it may have been hard to read this only two years after losing someone so important. Although it is hard, 9/11 has in fact become a part of history, which will remain forever. The Falling Man is now an important part of America’s history and regardless of who the falling man is, people should appreciate how we have grown as a country since then.
To actually have the courage to write an article about a devastating incident in America, and then to publish it takes a lot of courage. I think he wanted people to see not only his own opinion, but possibly open up the eyes and minds of others too. The...

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