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Opposition to Nazis Essay

  • Submitted by: packo456
  • on September 19, 2012
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Opposition to the Nazi regime made very little impact on the German people as a whole between 1933–1939”
Explain why you agree or disagree with this view

There were several different opposition groups within the period up to the war within Nazi Germany, in this question I am going to assess whether or not the different opposition groups made any impact within the German population at time. However, this question is difficult to answer; there were no opinion polls meaning the people’s attitudes were never truly represented, so we cannot get an accurate picture of the population’s actual feelings. Also reports from Sopade or Gestapo cannot be seen as completely valid as they would be biased and would not provide a true insight.
For opposition to have a real impact on the people, it needs to be active – meaning that you openly go out of your way to oppose Hitler and not just non-conformity. Not all non-conformist behaviour can be interpreted as opposition. The term ‘loyal reluctance’ means that you support the regime as a whole, but there is one certain issue that you didn’t agree with. This was the case within many groups within Germany.
The workers in Germany were becoming depoliticised and the propaganda didn’t really work in convincing workers that their best interests were supported by the DAF. Workers had many reasons to complain but they had few outlets in express their discontent and no independent organisation to press their case – since the abolishment of trade unions.
Nevertheless, workers found the means to express their dissatisfaction even under the conditions of the regime. The main weapon the workers deployed was to withdraw from their labour and demonstrate, even though this was very risky business. In 1935, 37 strikes were reported. Also, Gestapo reports for 1935 (which are not a very reliable source) show that there were a total of 25,000 workers out of a total workforce of 16,000,000. This is a very small and insignificant number to really...

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