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Optimistic or Pesimistic Essay

  • Submitted by: stacip12
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Optimistic or Pesimistic" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

An optimistic person is a person that looks at things in a positive way and the positive outcome of things. A Pessimistic is a person that looks at things in a negative way and looks at the negative outcome of things. Most people say that I am a pessimistic person at most times. That is only because they do not know who I really am on the inside. I can be optimistic at one point then when you see me again I can be a pessimistic person. I hate coming to school, getting up early, dealing with little kids every day at school, and having to go to certain classes.  
School is one of the most boring places to be at five days a week and eight hours each day. We really do not have to go to school but the stupid government makes every kid go to school whether they like it or not. School is for the people that actually want to do something with their life and go far in school. Who really wants to get up between five and seven in the morning depending on where you live to get ready to go to a place you hate being at. Nobody likes to go to school because there is people that you hate and most kids that hate going to school don’t learn anything anyways so what is the point in the government having kids go to school if they do not want to.

I am sure people hate getting up early every day. Knowing that you have to get up early just makes me want to hurt the people that plan things in the morning. Most people never have a good day if they have to wake up early and then they are just mad all day. I just hate getting up early to do anything that does not have to deal with sleeping. It sucks having to get up early when you only had a couple of hours of sleep because you had to stay up the night before doing other things that had to be done. I hate getting up early even when I try my hardest to sleep in late on the weekends it just makes me want to shoot myself in the foot. Everybody hates getting up early no matter what they have to do.
I hate dealing with little kids at school...

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