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Organisational Behavior Essay

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Culture is both a   “ here and now ”   dynamic phenomenon and a coercive background structure that influences us in multiple ways. Culture is constantly reenacted and created by our interactions with others and shaped by our own behavior (Schein, 2010. P.3). Culture can also be said to be a physical manifestation of the perceptions and beliefs of a set of people. This is manifested via the sum total of parameters that make up their attitude and influences the type of response to a variety of factors. Culture implies some level of structural stability in the group. When we say that something is “cultural,” we imply that it is not only shared, but also stable, because it defines the group (Schein, 2010. P.3).
The correlation between culture and an organization can be deduced from the exposition above wherewith it would simply imply culture as applied to an organization.   Organisational culture can be defined as a system of shared meaning and beliefs held by organizational members that determines in a large degree, how they act towards each other and outsiders. It represents a common perception, belief by an organizations’s members that influences how they behave. (Robbins, Coulter & Langton, 2009. P. 44).

Dimensions of Organisational Culture
Robbins. Coulter & Langton(2009) provided seven dimensions for qualifying organizational culture. These dimensions and their explanations are as follows:
  a. Attention to detail : Degree to which employees are expected to exhibit precision, analysis, and attention to detail.
  b. Outcome Orientation: Degree to which managers focus on results or outcomes rather than on how these outcomes are achieved.
  c. People Orientation: Degree to which management decisions take into account the effects on people in the organization.
  d. Team Orientation: Degree to which work is organized around teams rather than individuals.
  e. Aggressiveness: Degree to which employees are aggressive...

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