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Organisations Essay

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1.1) In the UK there are many different types of organisation that are in operation that have several different purposes for existing. Some of the most common types of organisations are sole traders/ sole proprietorships, partnerships, non-profit corporations and c corporations, each of these organisations have very different purposes.   A sole proprietorship is a business owned by a single shareholder the main purpose of a sole proprietorship is generally to earn profit.   A c corporation is different from other business organisations it is owned by shareholders who instead of managing the company elect a board of directors that make business decisions and oversee policies. The main purpose of a c corporation is to maximize profit for the shareholders of the corporation. An example of a c corporation is Microsoft it has a group of shareholders who are not on the board of directors but have elected the board of directors and the purpose of the company is to sell as many of its Microsoft products as possible and in this way maximize the profit for the shareholders of the company. A non- profit corporation is a corporation where its shareholders or trustees do not benefit financially from and any money earned from the organization is used for the organizations expenses. The purpose of a non-profit corporation is generally to provide programs and services for the public typically for education, social causes, charities and science and art research. An example of a non-profit corporation is the Salvation Army, the Salvation Army is a Christian organization which is also a charity that supports homeless people the workers at the charity are usually volunteers and any donations given to the charity is used to buy food and the necessities of the homeless and not for the personal profit of anyone. A partnership is any two or more people who contribute money, labor and skill to a business and is expected to share in its profits, losses and management. The purpose of a...

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