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Organizational Approac Essay

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  • on January 25, 2013
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Seven Organizational Approaches Paper
Jacqueline Allen
July 27, 2012
Professor Kristy McGhee

Seven Organizational Approaches Paper
When studying the human body there are seven approaches used individually and together to give the physician information needed to diagnose a patient. The seven approaches are;
  1. Body Planes and Directions – When the body is in the anatomical position it is studied by dividing it with planes (an imaginary flat surface dividing the body into two parts), the three main planes are: the coronal or frontal plane, the sagittal plane, and the transverse plane. The coronal or frontal plane is vertical this shows the front and back sections. The sagittal plane shows right and left sides of the body. The transverse plane sections the upper part and bottom of the body.
  2. Body Cavities – There are five body cavities; the cranial cavity that is home to the brain, nerves, and other structures within the bony cranium. The spinal cavity (aka. Spinal canal) is a continuance of the cranial cavity as it proceeds down the midline of the back. The spinal cavity is within the bones that make up the spinal column. The thoracic cavity is within the chest and is protected by the sternum (aka. Breast bone) this cavity is home to the heart, lungs, esophagus, trachea, and other structures. The pelvic cavity is located in the abdomen. It is encircled by the muscles of the abdomen anteriorly, and the bones of the spine posteriorly. The pelvic cavity contains gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems and their organs. The abdominal cavity is in the abdomen and is encircled by muscles anteriorly (in front) and bones of spine posteriorly.
  3. Quadrants and Regions – there are four quadrants; the left upper (LUQ), the right upper (RUQ), left lower (LLQ), and the right lower (RLQ). The anterior surface of the abdominopelvic area can be divided into nine regions which is extremely helpful when giving a physical exam of the internal...

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