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Organizational Change Essay

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Organizational Changes
MGT415: Group Behavior in Organization

The type of organization that I have reviewed is a production type company, the United States Postal Service.   This is one of America’s largest organizations and with the economy the way it is could use some organizational changes.   The Post Office’s main product is mail and shipping materials.   Any type of conflict or group disorganization can cause major conflicts and make groups unproductive.  
Role conflict is a type of social conflict caused from an individual being forced to take on separate and incompatible roles.   One major role conflict the can be observed within the Postal Service is when an employee is asked to be in a supervisor role yet still hold a regular employee position.   For example a sales and service associate (SSA) could be asked to be a 204-B, a supervisor fill-in, and still hold the SSA title.   This causes a role conflict because when the detail to 204-B ends the SSA then has to go back to their normal job duties.   When the SSA goes back to being a subordinate there could be feelings of jealousy, resentment, or aggravation.   This could be caused by the SSA being in a position of authority and carrying out the duties of supervisor and then being returned to the duties of a clerk.   When an employee has these types of role conflicts then there could cause a loss of production with the other employees.  
A resolution to this could be asking an employee from another office to be the 204-B; this would allow the feelings of jealousy, resentment and aggravation to be removed.   This would also allow the supervisor to be fully immersed in the position instead of feeling pressure not to make the other employees upset by enforcing the rules and regulations of the Post Office.  
Communication within an organization is a very important attribute to have.   It is very difficult to have positive communication between employees if the groups within the business do not get along...

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