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Organizational Memory Essay

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• Aajdemy ol Management Review
1991. Vol. 16 No. I. 57-91

IAMES P. WALSH Dartmouth College GERARDO RIVERA UNGSON University oi Oregon
In this article we argue that the extant representations oi the concept oi organizational memory are fragmented and underdeveloped. In developing a more coherent theory, we address possible concerns about anthropomorphism; deiine organizational memory and elaborate on its structure; and discuss the processes oi information acquisition, retention, and retrieval. Next, these processes undergird a discussion oi how organizational memory can be used, misused, or abused in the management oi organizations. Some existing theories are reassessed with explicit attention to memory. The paper closes with an examination oi the methodological challenges that await iuture researchers in this area.

Ii an organization is to learn anything, then the distribution of its memory, the accuracy of that memory, and the conditions under which that memory is treated as a constraint become crucial characteristics of organizing. —Karl E. Weick (1979a; 206)

Despite the fact that memory remains one of the core concepts in information-processing theones {Johnson & Hasher, 1987; Richardson-Klavehn & Bjork, 1988; Shannon & Weaver, 1949), the understanding of this concept is limited, particularly in theones about organizations. Specific theories have depicted organizations to function as information-processing systems (Galbraith, 1977; Tushman & Nadler, 1978). To the extent that organizations exhibit characteristics of information processing, they should incorporate some sort of memory, although not necessarily resembling human memory. These theones, however, have not elaborated on the nature and function of any type of memory. Even so, some researchers agree that information about the past can be stored in an organization (Douglas, 1986; Kantrow, 1987). Earlier theorists postulated that an organizational memory is embodied in...

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