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Organizational Structure Essay

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Job Analysis
When an employer conducts a job analysis, they first have to decide the duties and requirements of the job. Rulings are made once information are composed for the job. As common, the major skills for customer service jobs is having great communication, being able to listen to detail, having some self-control, and being positive.
Approaches to Conduct a Job Analysis
There are many approaches that an employer can take to conduct a job analysis for a customer service position. These method include interviewing, testing, and performance. One of those standard methods is interviewing for the job. Interviews usually are conducted to understand the combination of personalities and cognitive abilities of the prospects. Honesty tests and job knowledge tests are given to start the path of selecting the right candidates for the job (Opayemi & Oyesola, 2012). The pros of interviewing a prospect are an opportunity to explain or clarify questions, flexibility, and direct feedback from a respondent. The cons of interviewing a candidate are time-consuming, interviewers need to be prepared, and costly.
Once the honesty test and knowledge test are giving, an aptitude test and skills test are also given to help with selecting hopefuls. The overall reason for this test is that it reveals data about the applicant that was not put on the application (Opayemi & Oyesola, 2012). The pros of testing employees are knowing where to place the employees, team building, and get to know the employees better. The cons of testing employees are costly, does not mean the candidate will get picked, and it takes time to obtain the results.
Companies conduct employee performances so that it will help them reach their customer service goals. Evaluating employees allows the company to help employees improve and also make it a better experience for the client (Salkova, 2013, p. 91-101). The pros of employee performances are assessing work performance, alternatives to traditional, and...

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