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Organizations Essay

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Below is an essay on "Organizations" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

At the last part of this essey we will focus on organizations, what is neccesary for designing effective organizatons, we will try to describe organizational structure, organizational culture and organizational changes.

Designing Effective Organizations

Organizational design is designing systems that organize employees. The organizations are like real living organisms subjects, where people like organisms work in hierarchy and trying to sell goods and services. Managers must try to design organizations in the best way to achieve the goals of organizations.

There are several factors, that influence organizational design. They have been devided into historical factors and business factors. One of the historical factors is the personality and style of the company`s founder, which may have an influence on the company   also for decades. The second one historical factor is the design trend during the historic period in which the comapny was founded. Finally, the last historical factor is the historic size of the company, what means the number of employees. In a large company is needed standarization as the means for control and communication, while in a small company there is more opportunity for flexible communication. As we mentioned, there are also three business factors that influence organizational design. One of them is the company`s enviroment , which includes government, competitors, the economy, suppliers, stockholders and customers. Enviroment is and external factor. The second business facotor is a type work that the emplyees perform. The work can be programmed or nonprogrammed. In company, where work is programmed, there are giving clear directions to emplyees. On the other side, where work is nonprogrammed, there is needed individual input and initiative. The last business factor is the nature of the current employees, as well as the potential employees. The nature of people may influence and organizational design, for instance psychology,...

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