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Othello Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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The handkerchief is important to the novel because it acts as “evidence” to go along with Iago’s lies about Desdemona and Cassio. It all began when Iago began to tell Othello false stories about what was going on between the two. By reading the novel, “Othello”, we actually read about seeing the handkerchief before we learn about why it is so significant to the story. After Iago poisoned Othello’s mind with the thoughts that Desdemona had been cheating on him with Cassio, it seems hard for Othello to act like himself towards Desdemona. After hearing the information from Iago, Othello is so caught up in his thoughts that Desdemona can barely recognize who she married, anymore.
When Othello meets back up with Desdemona, she can tell something is wrong with him. When she asked him what it was, exactly, he told her he only had a headache. Being the kind person she is, she tried to wrap his head in the handkerchief and he tells her to leave him alone, because it is too small. After Emilia and Desdemona met up, Desdemona dropped the handkerchief and forgot it, leaving nothing but space and opportunity for Emilia. She knew her husband, Iago, wanted the handkerchief, she just did not know why. Emilia brought back the handkerchief to Iago, which worked out for him perfectly.
As soon as Iago obtained the handkerchief, he visited Cassio’s house and placed it in his living room; this is the true story versus Desdemona leaving in his room after having an affair. Cassio finds the handkerchief and falls in love with the embroidery. He gives it to Bianca to copy the stitching, afterwards. Bianca brings it back, with the impression that he got it from some woman, and she’s not happy with that. During the while of all of these events, Iago is working his way into Othello’s mind until he’s finally satisfied by Othello’s stubbornness towards Desdemona.
As a result, the handkerchief is a very important piece of the play because it is what Othello valued and cared for, so he...

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