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Othello - Journeys Essay

  • Submitted by: chitrawr
  • on October 5, 2012
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A journey suggests a trip, movement from one place to another, including all the experiences undergone along the way. Journeys can further be classified as either, an inner or physical journey. Physical journeys involve movement from one place to another. The way we choose to tackle the obstacles of such a journey, expands our intellectual and emotional horizons by broadening our understanding of the world around us. Inner journeys however focus more on self exploration and on reflecting on our past experiences beyond normal everyday life. The results of these journeys often change us as people.

In Shakespeare’s Othello, Shakespeare portrays to us both the physical and inner journey of the protagonist, Othello. Othello undertakes a physical journey from Venice to Cyprus. This journey from Venice to Cyprus, also exemplifies the journey from civilisation to barbarism. Othello is thus seen travelling from a secure and civilised state to a place of insecurity and brutality. This change of state forms the inner journey we see undertaken by Othello, a highly regarded general who transitions to something almost bestial. Othello further represents one world; the feudal order, and when he leaves to Cyprus- we see this feudal world waning with a new world dominated by money and commerce taking over, represented by the powerful Iago.

Shakespeare portrays Othello as the classic hero, prior to Othello’s downfall. Othello is a man of honesty, integrity, of friendship and virtue- he is a man so well established both physically and mentally, that everyone looks up to him. His service towards the state of Venice, as a black army general, ranks him high within the Venetian society and therefore people saw him as a hero. Othello’s solid character is also, one of the reasons why Desdemona falls for him. Othello’s stories, his values and his composed demeanour won Desdemona’s heart. When Othello confesses to the Duke on how Desdemona came to fall for him, the Duke even says ‘I...

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