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Outline Sample for Courage

  • Submitted by: ebby07
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Eberardo Barajas
Professor DeMarco
English 1101H-570
23 September 2012
  I.     Courage

A.                       Is courage all about being brave?

B.                       Courage is not all about being brave or being the boldest; to me courage is the ability to confront fear.

C.     1. Ability to   face my fears

        2. Taking advice from others

        3. Building the courage to move on

II.                       Ability to face my fears

  A. When my fear was exposed
  1. Summer camp
  2. Fear of spiders was exposed

  B. Remembering my past encounters
  1. My past encounters I learned valuable lessons about not showing fear
  C. Going for it
  1. Taking the extra step to not fear the eight legged creature.
III.                   Taking advice from others

A.                       The best advice is from people who don’t know you

                                                    1.       One of the summer camp counselors offered me advice

B.   Deciding to take the advice I was given was hard

  1. As a child I was taught not to listen to strangers

  c. When I finally decided to take the advice
            1. The advice was worth taking in the long run. Very beneficial

IV. Building the courage to move on

  A. After finally overcoming the fear of spiders
  1. I started being more of an outdoors person

  B. Falling again
  1. One year after summer camp
  2. After being bitten and going to the hospital I no longer feared of spiders, I was terrified of them

  C. Getting up again
  1. This experience was truly hard to recover from
  2. I slowly started trusting the spiders again  

V.   Conclusion

    A. The courage it took to overcome this fear of spiders was intense.

    B. I am happy to say that I went through the awful spider bite and overcame my fear. I am excited that maybe one day I will be able to share my stranger advice with many more people.

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