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Overcoming Prejudice Essay

  • Submitted by: juliandkho
  • on January 27, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Overcoming Prejudice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Prejudice pervades every perspective of our modern day society. People are defined by their religion, gender, age and sexuality – each group having stood in the spotlight of intolerance, becoming easy targets for all forms of discrimination. Anne Provoost’s novel – Falling and Paul Haggis’s film – Crash, explore racial prejudice in their plots. The various techniques used by composers to demonstrate the themes, causes and effects of prejudice, shape our understanding of how to overcome this issue.
Fear, anger and sadness are key themes in conveying messages of overcoming prejudice. In the case of Falling, Lucas – the protagonist – develops a fear of his love for Caitlin – “Her daring made my heart skip a beat,” – and is angered at her for using him in the ‘dove-catching test’. He is, however, saddened for ruining her grace and dream when he is forced to cut through Caitlin’s leg. The event is a rite-of-passage, since Lucas described it as – “Something that disrupted my life...hardly worth remembering.” As each character realises that consequences come with the need to understand the responsibility for their actions, they are able to develop and mature which as a result allows them to overcome prejudice.
Furthermore, the development of interpersonal relationships between characters can express the effects of change. This is made known in Falling; Lucas and Caitlin develop a withdrawn love for each other. As the story takes place, we see Caitlin’s stubborn character threatening Lucas which often confronts his own beliefs and values, as Lucas says “She confused me by saying things I hadn’t expected her to say.” Whilst the story ends, the new asylum families enter without problem; however, at one stage Lucas and Caitlin’s once close relationship is almost broken. Their connection is saved due to the regret and experience they share together. Rather than offering a fix all solution, attention is drawn to how difficult each individual would have to work in order to...

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