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Owning a Pet Essay

  • Submitted by: jasonboyett
  • on September 18, 2012
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Things to Know Before You Adopt
When you were growing up did you have a household pet? As far as recorded history goes back man has had the desire to care for animals and enjoy their companionship. Before you act on your desires, you should really consider the responsibility you are assuming. Too many times families adopt the cute adorable puppy and realize that the addition of a new pet to the family is like another child and they become overwhelmed. These animals can live terrible lives in kennels or chained up in the yard. Many pets are turned over to shelters and can even be euthanized. With a little research and education, individuals and families can choose a pet that will fit their lifestyle.
Caring for a pet is a financial obligation that many first time pet owners do not consider. The annual cost of pet ownership for the first year averages over $1,000. Your pet will need to be spayed or neutered along with other veterinary treatments annually. Depending on the pet that you choose, food costs can range from $100 - $300 annually. If you choose a cat, litter expenses can cost$200 per year. Pets that require grooming can add an additional $200 to your budget annually. Statistics have shown that more pets are turned in to shelters or abandoned during slow economic times.
Another factor to consider will be how much space will your pet need? Cats and smaller dogs are better suited for apartments or indoor pets than larger dogs, which enjoy a larger space and will require frequent walks. When the family takes a vacation the boarding fees can cost almost as much as a hotel room. Pet owners are usually required to pay a pet deposit when renting.
When considering adopting a pet, you need to consider the time that the pet will require and the time you have available for a pet. If you adopt a cat, they require less time and training in comparison to dogs. Cat’s are very independent and can be left unattended with food, water, and clean litter for a few days for a...

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