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Ozone Essay

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The Ozone
The ozone layer is a thin imaginary line within our stratosphere between killer Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) rays and the luscious green atmosphere of earth.   Ozone is a major component of photochemical smog.   The ozone layer is what makes life possible on earth.   Ozone is oxygen that has changed from O2 to O3 and the only way for this chemical reaction to occur is for energy to be absorbed (Eubanks, Middlecamp, Heltzel & Keller, 2006).   The term ozone is named from the Greek “ozein” which means smell and the molecule O3 is the scientific term for ozone.   O3 has an unmistakable odor that is difficult to describe however, some compare the smell to that of chlorine gas (Eubanks, Middlecamp, Heltzel & Keller, 2006).   Even though the ozone keeps life on earth, breathing in ozone is a pollutant to humans, animals and plants.   Breathing in ozone for humans destroys lung tissues.   It also helps to cause smog.   A German scientist by the name of Christian Friedrich Schonbein discovered the Ozone in 1839 (www.theozonehole.com).   Researchers have found that when ozone-depleting gases are present throughout the stratosphere the greatest losses of stratospheric ozone have occurred over Antarctic (Eubanks, Middlecamp, Heltzel & Keller, 2006).   This paper will provide in depth background information about the Antarctic Ozone hole; discuss the significance of Antarctic Ozone hole for society; discuss the basic chemical principle; and explain how the Antarctic Ozone hole has changed within the last 10 years.
A compacted land mass of about 4 ½ million square miles at the bottom of the world cased beneath a colossal shield of ice is a description of the Antarctic continent (Ponting & Hurley, 1979).   The seasonal depletion of stratospheric ozone in a large area over Antarctic refers to ozone or Antarctic ozone hole.   After 150 years from the discovery of the ozone layer two scientists from Great Britain discovered there was a hole in our protective layer...

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