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Paintball vs Airsoft Essay

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Is a paintball or an airsoft gun more accurate?

My hypothesis is that the airsoft gun will be more accurate that the paintball gun.

  1. Gather materials
  2. Calibrate Guns
  3. Mark the starting position
  4.   Measure and mark 20 feet from the starting position with flag
  5.   Repeat step 4 at 40 and 60 feet
  6.   Place the target and shoot the paintball gun at the target 10 times at the 20 ft. placement position
  7. Repeat step 6 at the 40 and 60 feet placement positions
  8. Place the target and shoot the airsoft gun at the target 10 times at the 20 ft. placement position
  9.   Repeat step 8 at the 40 and 60 feet placement positions
10. Make observations
11. Record results

  * Airsoft gun
  * Paintball gun
  * CO2 tank
  * 6 mm airsoft BBs
  * Paintballs
  * Targets
  * Tape measure
  * 20 ft. Placement flag
  * 40 ft. Placement flag
  * 60 ft. Placement flag
  * Pencil and Paper
As my hypothesis stated, an airsoft gun is more accurate than a paintball gun. The accuracy was measured at twenty, forty, and sixty feet. At all three distances, the airsoft gun proved to be more accurate. Consistently, the airsoft gun accumulated more points. The points were applied as follows: five points for a bulls-eye, three points for the yellow ring, and one point for the green ring. At all distances, the airsoft out-scored the paintball. Indeed, the solid sphere is more accurate than a liquid-filled sphere.

Airsoft BBs are solid plastic or metal spheres.   Airsoft BBs are either 6 millimeters or 8 millimeters in size. They range in weight from .12 grams to .3 grams.   The typical speed, measured in FPS, usually ranges from 120 FPS to 550 FPS. Speaking from experience, airsoft BBs may leave a mark at the point of impact that fades over time.
Paintballs are round plastic coverings filled with liquid paint. Paintballs are .686 mm in diameter. The average weight of a paintball is 3.2g. The shape of the ammunition affects...

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