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Paintings Can Kill Essay

  • Submitted by: lfarlow
  • on November 13, 2012
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The Oval Portrait – Paintings Can Kill
Edgar Allan Poe, while his life is more so a mystery like his writing style some have said he suffered from love, loss and addiction. His father abandoned the family early in life and his mother passed when he was between two and three. Poe had great love for poetry; he published his first book in 1827 when he joined the Army. After he achieved his goal of going to West Point he was discharged for is lack of duties. After the Army Poe ended up in Baltimore living with an aunt and her daughter Virginia whom he ended up marrying in 1836. Poe had many great achievements in life which seemed to snowball downhill with the death of his young bride in 1847, not long after this life tragedy Poe while traveling was found in distress saying “Lord, help my poor soul.” Congestion of the brain is what was said to kill him but the truth to his death is still a mystery. Poe’s most common themes in his tales were death, loss and tragic romance, you see this in “The Oval Portrait” published in 1850 as one of his shortest stories. You can see similar snap shots of Poe’s life in this tale, comparing the injury of the narrator to his hurt pride, the old chateau and the search for shelter to him finding a place to belong, and the love story of the young woman and her painter with that of his own marriage to his cousin.
This story very much drowning in mystery opens in the dark of night with the narrator and his valet, Pedro. The narrator, feeble and frail, arrives with an unexplained mysterious injury one evening to an old deserted chateau, his partner finds it necessary to force their way in to find refuge. The pair end up in the smallest apartment in the decaying house, it is dark with a bizarre architecture filled with tattered decoration and art. The old chateau is the perfect backdrop for this type of genre, it carries the detective story feel that Poe is famous for, and the small dingy apartment they chose suggests the narrators need for...

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