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Panic Essay

  • Submitted by: myles
  • on February 17, 2012
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Early Tuesday morning, John Smith parents left the house. His mother and father had left strict ground rules for him. He could not go outside, use the computer, the phone or ride his bicycle.

John was bored all day! With little things to do other than watch television, he counted the many hours that had passed. He was only a 12 year old boy. Many thoughts were running through his small mind. The phone rang! John heart started to race. He was never so frighten because he never wanted to disobey his parents. It was one of his school friends, but he never answered. His friend called again, so he answered… “HELLO GOOD MORNING” answering with a soft squeaky voice, this heavy and outrageous voice answered and said “YO JOHN, CUM AND GO TO DE BEACH WID DE KILLAS MAN”, John quietly and softly answered “OKAY… BUT MY MOMMY AND DADDY INT WANT ME LEAVE DE HOUSE”, the young man on the phone sniggered and laughing commonly at John. John was embarrassed so he quickly hung up the phone.

In a couple of minutes, John’s friend was outside with a group of young boys and girls dressed in beach clothing. John knew he was not to leave the house but he still went. He quickly ran in his bedroom, digging up for a beach pants and he was out the door.

On his way to the beach, thoughts were going through his head like crazy! He wondered if he should go back home and if his mother would of called.
He was enjoying the lovely water at Brown’s Beach and cracking jokes with his friends. Nothing crossed his mind about getting in trouble.

He left the beach about three o’ clock that evening. He dashed home in a hurry to bathe so that he can persuade his parents he did nothing but watch television.

It was about three thirty when John got home, on arriving home, he realized the front door was ripped off by some hooligan and the entire house was empty. No television, no jewelry, no furniture and no computer. His mouth dropped and he was in serious shock. He asked himself, what am I going...

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