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Do you love to have watermelon as your dessert? Unlike many Europeans who usually have cake or ice cream as their dessert, many Indonesians usually have fruits as their dessert. One of the fruits is watermelon. This fruit is a common for us because of its sweet taste and it doesn’t cost much. That’s why people from many walls of life can afford to buy it.
People usually have the red or the yellow flesh or make it into watermelon juice. The other parts of this fruits, such as leaves also can be used. People make the leaves as vegetable. The skin and the white flesh are usually ended up as the waste or sometimes, people rub the white flesh to their heads to prevent hair loss. In fact, if they can be a bit creative, they can still make good use of it instead of rubbed it to the head. As a matter of fact, the students from SMAN 1 Magelang have already created a brilliant innovation from the white flesh of watermelon. They have successfully changed it into a delicious nata. As far as we know the main ingredient of nata is coconut water, whereas nata can also be made from white flesh of watermelon. Unfortunately, not every person knows about it.
In this modern era, societies have given big attention for the earth. We do everything to save the earth especially from waste. By making nata from white flesh of watermelon, we can help government to reduce the waste especially for household waste.
Creating nata from white flesh of watermelon could be an innovative ways and it can be a promising business if we are really serious in dealing in this. It is because nata from white flesh of watermelon is more nutritious than nata made from coconut water. Besides, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it. In fact, it can be more beneficial for us since white flesh of watermelon will no longer be the waste. In general, the writer believes that more nutritious, eco-friendly, and more economical are the three benefits of using white flesh of...

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