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Analyzing a Web Page

Analyzing a Web Page
First thing to look at are the four criteria with good characteristics and problems.   The four criteria are currency, objectivity, authority, and accuracy.   Research on websites it is important making sure to having the correct information, a reputable organization, and updated information.  
The problems with currency that one must look out for is the web page may not have dates, page may present old information, and the site may contain dead links.   The characteristics for a good and reputable site is just the opposite, the web page has dates, has updated information, and will not contain dead links (University, 2012).
The problems with objectivity are that the sites information is not objective, may differentiate advocacy versus fact, and may provide bogus information to promote a product.   The good characteristics are the opposite, the site is objective and provides facts not fiction.   The problems with authority are that it is difficult to determine authorship, the author’s qualifications, and the contact information may not be provided.   The good characteristics are that the site shows the source of the information, their qualifications, and contact information (University, 2012).
The problems with accuracy are that anyone can publish information on a website, the website may include lies, myths, dubious information, stereo types, and distortions.   The good characteristics of the website are it has verifiable facts, lists sources of information, and links to other reputable sites (University, 2012).  
However, there is also another site that list five evaluation criteria and is called “the CRAAP Test:   C=currency, R=relevance, A=authority, A=accuracy, and P=purpose.  

Analyzing a Web Page
The only thing added to the above information is the purpose which is the reason that this information exists, is it to inform, teach, sell, or to entertain and persuade” (Library,...

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