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Carl Jung first applied the term archetype to literature. He recognized that there were universal patterns in all stories and mythologies regardless of culture or historical period and hypothesized that part of the human mind contained a collective unconscious shared by all members of the human species, a sort of universal, primal memory. Joseph Campbell took Jung’s ideas and applied them to world mythologies. In A Hero with a Thousand Faces, among other works, he refined the concept of hero and the hero’s journey—George Lucas used Campbell’s writings to formulate the Star Wars saga. Recognizing archetypal patterns in literature brings patterns we all unconsciously respond to in similar ways to a conscious level.
The term archetype can be applied to:
    • An image
    • A theme
    • A symbol
    • An idea
    • A character type
    • A plot

Archetypes can be expressed in
    • Myths
    • Dreams
    • Literature
    • Religions
    • Fantasies

DIRECTIONS:   In the “Description” column of   the chart below, please highlight the archetypes that you have come across before or that seem familiar. In the “Example” column, please list examples from books, movies, art, TV shows, comic books, music, or fairy tales where you can. The Harry Potter stories, Disney films, fairy tales, and The Book of Lost Things might provide examples for you. If you cannot think of an example, leave the box blank.
Character Archetypes

|Archetype                     |Description                                                         |Example                           |
|The Hero                     |The Hero is a protagonist whose life is a series of well-marked     |David in the Book of Lost Things   |
|                             |adventures. The circumstances of his birth are unusual, and he is   |--                                 |
|                             |raised by a guardian. He will have to leave his kingdom, only to   |Ur...

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