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Paradise Lost Essay

  • Submitted by: Bowejc33
  • on November 13, 2012
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Heaven, Hell, or Earth
Arguments or disagreements are often settled through logical discussion or thought.   They can also be settled through violence. Many irrational decisions are made illogically and without much thought. In Paradise Lost, many of the main characters differ on whether or not to wage another war on heaven. The demons banished to Hell by God must decide whether to fight for their place in Heaven, seek forgiveness from God, or seek new worlds. Both sides of the argument make valid points, for different reasons. Each speaker in Book II of Milton’s epic addresses the counsel differently.   Belial is eloquent, highly educated and careful with his words. He expresses himself intellectually, which makes his option to surrender to God sound acceptable and easy. Mammon is a fierce warrior who refuses to go to war but also refuses to return to heaven. His argument to occupy Hell and make the best of the situation is a rational one that receives a warmer response from the counsel.   The final person to speak in front of the counsel is Beelzebub. He is second in command to Satan and suggests that the demons occupy Earth. Beelzebub’s argument is the most applauded by the counsel and is a clear winner. Beelzebub’s plan to occupy Earth allows the demons to regain power somewhere new where they would not have to worry about God. In John Milton’s epic Paradise Lost, the demons Belial, Mammon and Beelzebub all present different logical solutions to decide whether or not to wage war on Heaven.
The first to speak in the meeting is Belial. Belial’s argument seems well thought out and logical at first. He argues with himself throughout his speech reflecting on whether his reasoning to seek forgiveness is logical or not. His reflecting argument reinforces his overall point to surrender. He tries to persuade the counsel to make peace with Heaven. Belial tries to install to the other demons that they got what they deserved and God could do worse things to them. “By my...

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