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Parenthood Essay

  • Submitted by: alecia1980
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Parenthood: Responsibility or Immaturity

Children being born out of wedlock is not viewed upon, as it was in the past generations. In the older generations it was a must that a couple must be married before sexual contact was made. During recent times and later generations, society does not criticize pre-martial relationships as reprehensible. Now more than before, we have children being born out of wedlock. Single- parenting has totally increased because of such statistics. Biologically, one man is capable of fathering many more children than one woman can bring into the world. A woman is only fertile for nine months, which limits the number of children she can conceive in a years’ period of time. While men on the other hand, can impregnate multiple partners whenever they choose. So as history has shown, to a large extent, men are making that choice. Parenthood is one of the most wonderful things that an individual can partake in, however it is a responsibility.  
Not only are single mothers carrying an unfair amount of child raising it is also a financially burden. Life as a single mother requires raising children with fewer personal resources. A child in school requires money for clothes, doctor visits, field trips, books, and several other area in which money is needed. More than often one income cannot cover all of these expenses. Two incomes at times still can’t cover these expenses when there are multiple children in one home. So, when you have single mother left alone to carry this load the children are the ones to suffer.   Two people living together can supply more time, energy, and money to meet children’s needs than one.
Even though both men and women have a choice, more often it is the   man who abandons the female when she is pregnant, because no relationship was built before they both conceived a child. Women by default are the partner left with the responsibility of raising that child alone at least for some period of time.   This creates yet,...

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