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Part a Aj Davis Department Store Essay

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Course Project Part A
September 15, 2013
Applied Managerial Statistics
Professor Mayers

Brief Introduction
The following report presents a detailed statistical analysis of AJ Davis Department Store credit customers. Data was collected from a sample of 50 AJ Davis credit customers on five variables which are Location, Size, Income, Years, and Credit Balance.   Out of the five variables, Location,Size, and Income is emphasize more in this analysis. AJ Davis Department Store is very determined to find out more information about their credit customers. So by doing a in-depth analysis of the variables and their relationships through graphical, numerical summary and interpretation should give a detailed summary of their customers.
Individual Variables
Location is the 1st individual variable considered. The location of AJ Davis’ customers is distributed between three classes of Urban, Suburban and Rural Areas. It is a qualitaive variable that can not be measured numerical so central tendency and other descriptiive statistics can not be computed .   The frequency distribution table and pie chart are given as followed:
Frequency Distribution Table

Location | Frequency |
Urban | 22 |
Suburban | 15 |
Rural | 13 |
Total | 50 |

Following calculating the frequency, a pie chart was developed to determine which particular category had the highest percentage from the sample data provided. Based on the pie chart and the frequency distribution, it clearly states the largest number of customers belongs to the Urban category counted for 22 which is 44% of their credit customers.

The 2nd individual variable considered is Size which represents number of people living the household. It is a quantitative variable and the measure of descriptive statisitics, frequency distribution and bar graph is given as followed:
Descriptive Statistics: Size

                                                  N for
Variable   Mean   StDev   Median   Range     IQR   Mode   Mode...

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