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Part of Titanic Script Essay

  • Submitted by: bigdsoswag
  • on November 13, 2012
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Steerage swine. Apparently missed his annual bath.


Goin' home... to the land o' the free and the home of the real hot-dogs! On
the TITANIC!! We're ridin' in high style now! We're practically goddamned
royalty, ragazzo mio!!


You see? Is my destinio!! Like I told you. I go to l'America!! To be a

Jack and Fabrizio walk down a narrow corridor with doors lining both sides
like a college dorm. Total confusion as people argue over luggage in
several languages, or wander in confusion in the labyrinth. They pass
emigrants studying the signs over the doors, and looking up the words in
phrase books.

They find their berth. It is a modest cubicle, painted enamel white, with
four bunks. Exposed pipes overhead. The other two guys are already there.

By contrast, the so-called "Millionaire Suite" is in the Empire style, and
comprises two bedrooms, a bath, WC, wardrobe room, and a large sitting
room. In addition there is a private 50 foot promenade deck outside.

A room service waiter pours champagne into a tulip glass of orange juice
and hands the Bucks Fizz to Rose. She is looking through her new paintings.
There is a Monet of water lilies, a Degas of dancers, and a few abstract

At Cherbourg a woman came aboard named Margaret Brown, but we all called
her Molly. History would call her the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Her husband
had struck gold someplace out west, and she was what mother called "new

At 45, MOLLY BROWN is a tough talking straightshooter who dresses in the
finery of her genteel peers but will never be one of them.


Why're ships always bein' called "she"? Is it because men think half the
women around have big sterns and should be weighed in tonnage? Just another example of the men settin' the rules their way.


  (to the waiter)

We'll both have the lamb. Rare, with a little mint sauce.

                  (to Rose, after the waiter...

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