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Passion Paper

  • Submitted by: hughamb
  • on October 7, 2012
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Some thing that I'm really passionate about would be traveling.   In order to be able to tavel the world you have to have three things; sucess in life , money to pay for things, and support of your family and friends.
There are so many different   way to travel to different parts of the world.   The first thing you have to find out what kind of things you would like to do and what kind of weather you like to be in.   For me I love being in really hot weather, and at the beach with pretty clear blue ocean water.   Also you have to decide who you want to travel with if your going by your self or if you going with other people.
In order to be sucessful you have to have the right career picked out. If you don't love your career then your not going to want to go and make the money you need to so you can go to see the places you want to see in the world.   For me I am starting my journey in dental assisting so i can help people feel better and for some cosmeticly feel better about themself.
Lastly you have to have the support from different people in you life.   If you don't have the support from your family and friends then you won't be sucessful in your life, you need the encouragement for your support to get through different journey wether there good or bad.
So to remind yourself that if you dont have the right poeple in your life that will stand by you and support you, you won't be able to be sucessful in you career and your life.   Ben Sweetland said, "Sucess is a journey, not a destination." Also taveling can be super expensive or super cheap but in the end it's who you are with that makes traveling the best experience in the world.

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