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Patch Adams Essay

  • Submitted by: kiching
  • on August 5, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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The movie “Patch Adams” is very beautiful and it has a lot of lessons that we can get. The overall message of the movie is we should not focus only on how to treat the disease, but also how we can alleviate the pain that our patients feel and how we can make them happy despite of the illness/sickness that they have. It is true that laughter is the best medicine because through that we can forget the sickness/pain that we feel and we can also relieve easily. We also need to understand the feelings of others, especially to those in the health care profession because they are dealing with patients who have different diseases.   Health care professionals are not treating disease but also give the patients hope that they will be cure.

        The film showed how to be empathetic to others illustrated by the main characters. One example is when Patch Adams was in medical school, he always makes the patients laugh as well as the staff in the hospital. Another example, when he was accidentally entered a pediatric ward. He knew that by making the children laugh, he could alleviate the pain that they feel. He always put himself in the patient’s situation that makes him effective and unique doctor. He also treats his patients as a friend or a relative that makes him loved by his patient. The film also showed the downfall of becoming too close to your patients. Being too close to your patients has negative effects too. You might too affect if there’s something happened to your patients. If you are too close to your patients, you might transgress some rules just for your patient. Like what patch Adams did, he practices medicine without a license just for his patient. These also show the effect of “too much”. Too much is bud, so we need to know our limitations.

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