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Patient Care Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Patient Care Partnership

Andres Rodriguez
HSA 4192-U01
Health Care Operations Management
Wanetta Whittaker

Florida International University
October 1, 2012

Patient Care Partnership

The Patient Care Partnership is very essential nowadays because we as patients need hospital care, doctors, nurses and other professionals at hospitals’ who   are going to be committed to working together with us as patients and our family to meet our healthcare needs. We expect a high quality of hospital care, Clean and safe environment, Involvement in our care, protection of our privacy, help when leaving the hospital, and help with our billing claims.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned or as we want them too and some rules change. For example, a personal experience of mine when I saw the patient care partnership was being violated was when my friend’s grandmother was in the hospital. She was an 87 year old woman who was diagnosed with end stage cancer; the family did not want her to know the full truth. The family thought it was more ethical to deceive her and have her enjoy what time she had left. The physician was aware of the family’s request and went along with it, which I thought was very unprofessional from the physician’s part. In my personal opinion it was not right on both the family and the physician’s part because it violated the grandmother’s right to know and to choose what she wants to do with her remaining time. It went totally against the Patient Care Partnership in which it states “Involvement in your care”, which you and the doctor makes decisions about your care before you go to the hospital or other times like in the grandmother situation decisions are made in the hospital stay.  

Another personal experience of mine was when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old I was living in Philadelphia and had broken my leg snowboarding. I was in the emergency room for about two days and on that second day the hospital I was...

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