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Pearl Harbor Essay

  • Submitted by: drog258
  • on November 13, 2012
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Dawid Rog
The Working Man’s Pearl Harbor
        Pearl Harbor was not just an attack on the United States by the Empire of Japan on naval bases on the island of Hawaii, but it was an attack against the working classes who were to fill the many roles required of them in the ranks of the military.  The United States, the sheer image of an industrialized nation, was to mobilize their many working ranks for the defense of the nation, while uprooting many from their ordinary jobs.  Such a phenomenon was referred to, by Leon Trotsky, as the institutionalization of working peoples in Bourgeois nations to defend the interests of the Bourgeois classes.  And such was the case in both the United States and Japan, whose foreign interests lead them to a monstrous war where their respective “plebeian” classes suffered the bulk of the losses.
The attack itself was not the core of the issue at hand, rather it was to give Japan a better hand in a war against the United States before they could fill strategical points in the Philippines and use it as a base from which to attack Japan at a later time.  The attack of Pearl Harbor completely crippled American capabilities in the Pacific, for a time, and thus the islands of the Philippines was doomed to be overrun by the massive imperial armies of Japan.  What took the Americans by surprise however, a country that had been secure from war for such long periods of time due to their massive navy, was how abruptly such a massive scale of evil could turn the American way of life on its head.  The reaction to the attack sent shockwaves around the United States, and masses of working people volunteered to join the military unconditionally.  Anger was so high in the air, that in the end Americans were cheering for the genocide of Japanese civilians by their own brutal government.  The war had turned the American working peoples into monsters, who would advocate genocide simply to satisfy military objectives.  It was...

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