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Pegasus Essay

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Claudius Ptolemy
Who is Ptolemy?
Claudius Ptolemy was a Greek-Roman citizen of Egypt who wrote in Greek. He was a mathematician astronomer geographer astrologer, and poet of a single epigram in the Greek Anthology.
What is he famous for?
He was one of the most famous astronomers
When was he born?
AD 90
How many constellations did Ptolemy list in his catalogue?
48 constellation stars

The constellation star Pegasus

Meaning of the constellation
The constellation Pegasus represents the white, winged horse of Greek mythology. This beautiful figure can be seen high in the sky starting near the end of summer and continuing through autumn if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are below the Equator, look for Pegasus in late winter and through spring. When looking at the image, it is difficult to see the figure as a horse. That is because the constellation is actually upside-down Imagine it flipped over, and you can see what could be the neck and head of a horse and two legs sticking out from the famous.

As you can see from the picture on the left it doesn’t actually look like a horse, but it is upside down and not filled in it is the angles of the horse. As with the photo on the right it has the full out line of how the horse is supposed to look like.
The deep space
In the constellation I have chosen is in the middle where all the lines connect.

The best time to see it
The best time to see it is in the beginning of October in the mid-afternoon   heading into the night, when you start seeing the star means a sign of autumn is coming.
The Legend of Pegasus
The symbolism of Greek Mythology is second to none. We all remember Medusa, Perseus, Athena, Mount Olympus and of course, Pegasus, the white winged stallion, carrier of Zeus' thunderbolts.
This is the legend of Pegasus, the winged white stallion, bred from the love of Poseidon, God of the sea, for the beautiful,...

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