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Penguin Essay

  • Submitted by: marisbrems
  • on January 27, 2013
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How come penguins have such a great sense of family?

Thesis: Individuals in today’s society should be more like penguins, when dealing with their families.

No one said it better than Michael J. Fox, when he said: “Family is not an important thing, it's everything.” However it is sad to say that when you look at society today humans are one of the last mammals demonstrate the priority of family. Showing a better leadership on this statement would be a group of penguins. When penguins mate, they have that one mate for their entire lifespan. Then once it’s the season and they have children, there entire focus goes on raising their child. Lastly, while performing their daily tasks in life, they always incorporate their families. You will never see a penguin walking alone, but always with a group around it. In saying this, penguins are the ideal models when looking at interacting with their families.  

Penguins only have one mate for their entire life.
  * Humans like to think of themselves as a faithful species, but when it comes to the facts, many other animals offer better examples of how to keep a relationship together. Although lifelong pair bonds are extremely rare in the animal kingdom, penguins are one of the few animals who do demonstrate this. (Mother Nature Network, 2012)
  * Penguins demonstrate true love: “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” (Aristotle)
  * The divorce rate in Canada as of 2012 is 40%, and as studies show divorce rates are increasing. (Feldstein Family Law Group, www.separation.ca/pdfs/divorcefacts)
  * “Most penguin species mate for life.” (Martin, 31)
  * Once penguins become mobile and dependent from their parents they tend to form groups. These groups can potentially last their lifetime and a penguin’s mate could be present. (Soper and Sparks, 89-93)
  * Penguins are much comparable to wolves in the sense of mating for life. It is not an uncommon occurrence for a partner to “die...

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