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Perceive Our Retinal Image Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: minidenim
  • on August 17, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Shape constancy is the process by which individuals perceive the true nature of an object as opposed to the image the object casts on the retina. Previous research has demonstrated that individuals tend to regress to the true shape of the object when matching shapes to slanted stimuli. 167 university students completed an image-matching task where they matched ellipses to a circle that was perceived from increasing distances. As predicted, results indicated that participants tended to "regress to the real"; that is, they tended to choose ellipses that were more reflective of the true shape of the circle than the increasingly elliptical image that was cast onto the retina. Suggestions for future research include the utilisation of more complex and unfamiliar objects, as well as a systematic investigation of the relationship between perceived slant and shape constancy.

An imperative goal of any perceptual system is to construct a stable percept-or mental impression of a perceived object-from sensory input that reflects the constantly changing external world. The visual system is particularly susceptible to these frequent variations in the environment, given that the image projected onto the retina is altered with any change in the orientation of an object (Goldstein, 1995). Shape constancy is one instance of the perceptual system's attempt to create a stable internal representation of an object. The term refers to the ability of individuals to perceive the true shape of a distal stimulus, or an object in the environment, despite changes in the shape of the proximal stimulus, or the shape that the distal object projects onto the retina (Levine, 2000). Should a percept be constructed that is based purely on the retinal image, individuals would experience a considerable amount of confusion whilst interacting with their environment; for instance, a door that is being opened would appear to be changing from its original rectangular shape to a trapezoidal one. In view...

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