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Performance Enhancement Drugs Essay

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Dear Bud Selig,

My name is Brendan DeWees I live in Hilliard, Ohio and I go to Hilliard Station Sixth Grade School.   I am writing to you because I feel strongly about putting a harsh punishment for players who use performance enhancing drugs.   My three reasons to support my opinion is 1.   Performance drugs are illegal and do not improve your health.   2.   Performance enhancing drugs can cause off-field trouble and lead to more injuries, and 3.   A lot more players are using performance enhancing drugs in the past 10 years which is becoming a bigger problem.   When you take the time to read the rest of my letter I hope you agree with me.
      First of all, Performance enhancing drugs increase chances of cancer and heart disease.   Three details to support my first reason are.   1.   Performance enhancing drugs increase your chances of cancer or heart disease, which could also affect their career.   2.   Steroids were introduced in the early 90’s and soon were banned.   Still that didn’t make people stop taking them.   3. Steroids mostly cause anger issues which could lead into off-field trouble or something worse.
      Secondly, Performance enhancing drugs can lead to off-field trouble or a possible injury.   Three reasons to support my idea are 1.   People on the disabled list increased 31% from 1989 to 1998.   This was likely because of some people taking performance enhancing drugs.   2.   Injuries changed from mostly people’s arms or muscles not able to support them.   3.   As I said before Performance enhancing drugs such as steroids can lead to unusual anger which could possibly lead to a suspension.
      Finally, a lot more players are using performance enhancing drugs which is becoming a bigger problem.   Three reasons to support my statement is that 1.   Famous stars like Roger Clemens, Mark McGuire, Alex Rodriguez, etc. have all been accused or admitted they’ve used some kind of performance enhancing drugs for various purposes.   2.   In 2005 the MLB declared a drug...

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