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Peridontal Crown Essay

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The Periodontal Crown: Creating Healthy Tissue
Written by Neil R. Gottehrer, DDS

October 4, 2012
Caitlyn Chick


Morbidity- the proportion of sickness or of a specific disease in a geographical locality.

Implicated- to show to be also involved, usually in an incriminating manner.

Etiologically- of or pertaining to etiology (the study of the causes of diseases).

Prevalence- the condition of being prevalent, or widespread.

Utilized- to put to use; turn to profitable account.

Subgingival- being or occurring under the gums; especially, being or occurring in the crevice between the gum margin and the neck or root of a tooth.

Restorative- capable of renewing health or strength.

Retention- to hold in place or position.

Coronal- a crown; coronet.

Aesthetic- pertaining to a sense of the beautiful or to the science of aesthetics.

Facilitates- to make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, a process, etc.).

Apparatus- a group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials, etc., having a particular function or intended for a specific use.

Lesions- an injury; hurt; wound.

Treatise- a formal and systematic exposition in writing of the principles of a subject, generally longer and more detailed than an essay.

Junctional epithelium- A circular arrangement of epithelial cells occurring at the base of the gingival sulcus and attached to both the tooth and the subepithelial connective tissue.

Anatomic- of or pertaining to anatomy (the structure of an animal or plant, or of any of its parts).

Supragingival- superior to the gingiva or to the gingival margin.
Recently scientists and dentists have been working on making periodontal crowns more safe and affective to your tooth along with the prevention of periodontal damage. Periodontal disease is mainly caused by inflammation which also links to chronic inflammation resulting in one of the causes of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, as a...

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