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Periodical Review

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Periodical Review
Candice Reichenberg
September 2, 2012
Article-Strategies for Leading through Times of Change
Source-Graziadio Business Report
 Chapter 1 - Management 
Key Concepts- Leading, organizing, and planning.

Mary Lynn Manns, PHD and Linda Rising, PHD wrote an article in the Graziadio Business Report on fourteen effective patterns to ease an organization through change. The name of this article is, “Strategies for Leading through Times of Change”. This article discusses how leaders need to strategize on how to lead, organize, and plan through times of change. Change is not always easy but with leadership, planning, patience, and organization a company can make it through the hard times. There have been studies done on the change and effects on an organization and what the experts recommend for them to change for the better. Strategy, organization, planning, and leading are the main points that the article discusses that will help in the company or organization into success.
A statement that I read that really stuck by me was,” Organizational leaders no longer have the luxury of contemplating if they will make changes, but rather must decide how they can transform their organization in order to survive a rapidly shifting environment” (Manns). Dealing with the resistance is to stand strong against others in order to make progress within the changes of the organization.   There is a list that shows the name and summary of what the name means of some patterns that can lead to change in the organization. The link the article gave that can lead to positive changes in any organization is http://www.fearlesschangepatterns.com/ (Manns). This article states the study, findings, starting point, widening the circle, dealing with the resistance, and the implications for leading change.
I have never looked at change in this perspective before I read the statement that I quoted earlier from the article. I...

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