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Perseption Essay

  • Submitted by: likeaboss18
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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The outreach of 2011 was a very interesting outreach for me to be on. The school holds an annual outreach and usually has a different trip for each grade. In that particular outreach, we went to the island of Borneo. The second half of the trip was held in Brunei and the first half was held in the jungles near Kota Kinabalu. The part that will be discussed is something that happened in the first half of the trip in the jungle. Last year a flash flood occurred while we were bathing in the river. The water level had suddenly risen and we were trapped in the middle of the river. We were standing on some rubble because it was the closest high ground there was, had we stood anywhere else, we would have been taken away by the flood. What was so special was how the fact that my perspective and attitude on the subject has changed so much by the end of the end of the trip. Now when looked back on it by a TOK student such as myself I can analyze the transition and divide the causes to three categories, my emotion, my rationality, and my perspective.
Firstly, how my emotion was affecting my rational thought. During the flash flood we were all quite afraid of the situation we were in. This part was quite interesting because now I look back, I wasn’t too afraid of what was happening itself but due to emotion of the others around me, it was almost as if my own emotions were repressed and was taken over by the emotion of the atmosphere. But nonetheless the emotion fear was definitely thick in the air. Now, when the situation is looked at rationally it would have probably not have been such a big problem, although difficult, most people should’ve been able to swim the distance. But it was due to our emotions that we became afraid and wasn’t able to think about this possibility rationally and consider it. In this situation our raw emotions took over and we stayed still and withstood the flood to stay alive. This event had actually caused my rational thoughts to temporarily be...

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