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Personal Experience Essay

  • Submitted by: jclayton0393
  • on September 21, 2012
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Everyone has a personal experience that affected his or her life permanently. Some are major, and changed their life forever and some were minor that only affected them a little bit. My personal experience was learning how to swim at age 17.   I decided to learn how to swim because my mom can’t swim, I wanted to take a girl on a date to the beach and because in Florida, hurricanes happen a lot.
To begin with, growing up with parents who cannot swim is really disappointing. I had to go to 4 different swimming schools, which I failed by the way. When your 5-years old, you don’t want to learn how to swim from a total stranger, even if she is really pretty. I would beg and beg for them to learn how to swim with me but that never worked with them. At age 7, they decided to send me to Jamaica to learn how to swim from my uncle. That, of course, didn’t work either because instead of getting in the water with me, he threw me in and told me to swim. After realizing that I wasn’t coming back up, he jumped in and got me. I was scarred from there.
Better still, girls love the beach more than anything, sometimes more than jewelry. I guess you can say that I can contribute some credit to my ex for motivating me to want to learn how to swim. As I think about it, I realized that I must have really liked her to go against my better judgment and learn how to swim like a fish. All I know is that I really liked her and I was willing to do whatever it takes to take her to the beach and have fun with her. The good news is that I learned how to swim better, bad news is that I still wasn’t ready to try my skills out yet, and luckily for me, my ex did not want to go in the water and get her hair wet, so it actually worked out good.
In addition, Florida is not only the Sunshine State with its tropical weather, but also Florida is famous for their Hurricanes. Every year from June to September, it is hurricane season and for residents that mean that its time we stock...

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