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Personal Journal Essay

  • Submitted by: ssharp
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Junior Year
So I do not know why but today I just felt like giving up on life and jumping off a cliff. Here at RiverSide there is no one to talk to if you are having trouble. The leadership just tells you to grow a Fucken pair, or pop those ovaries down into some balls. You would think that if you have any questions that they would help you. But no it seams that they are saying shut the fuck up, or figure out your self. Hell my room mate has given me more advice than the leadership in my company. And even a 2nd Lieutenant from another company has helped me more than my leadership put together. Except the 1st Sargent of my company. And something else the company captain is never here for drill practice. He is never here for commandants PT. So I personally think that my room mate should be leadership. Hell even one of the roc's could do better than the leadership now.
So today after class I when to my history teacher and asked him what I have in the class. So he told me that I have a 66. So I asked him how did that happen. He said it was mostly because I did not turn in one assignment. So I asked him what was the assignment that I was missing. He told me that it was a essay on Prigg v. Pennsylvania. But the other reason it went down was because of yet again another low quiz grade. So once I got back to my room after mess 3 I looked in my agenda to see when he assigned it. But I could not find it. And if you were to look in my agenda you would see that every class every day. So now I am even more stressed out because I just had gotten my grade up and now I am failing again has something in it. It just seams no matter how hard I work I just cant get the grades that I want. And the funny thing is some one else that is in my class dose not turn in any home work but dose well on test, quizzes, and projects but yet he is passing. Even though I turn in everything. It...

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