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Personal Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: rosebudjj3
  • on October 17, 2013
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Jamie Miller
English 101
October 14, 2013
Personal Narrative
My mom is overloading me with hugs and trying hard to hold back the puddles in her eyes from overflowing onto her rosey cheeks. She gets in her car and she drives away. My lip begins to quiver and my brain is not sure what to do. I stand there watching the tail lights on my mother’s glossy white ford truck turn out of the parking lot and on the road towards my Idaho home. I turn around and climb up the eighteen gray stairs of my apartment complex. Once I reach the top I walk to the last white door that is wide open on the right side. My Roommates Shania, Kennedi, and Payton pass by me quickly with clothing and totes full of miscellaneous items in their hands to take to their new rooms. Its then that it finally sinks in, I am finally on my own.
Totes full of clothes and shoes were laying in my room along with two twin mattress’s and bed frames covered in plastic still. Payton and I quickly ripped into the plastic of our mattresses with hesitation of not really knowing what to do and also with great anticipation to finally set up our brand new room and get settled into our apartment. We placed our beds horizontally on the walls across from each other which resembled an ordinary dorm room with a walking space in between the two beds. We made our beds and started to decorate our halves of the room to our preference with pictures and other memorabilia from our hometowns that would be there to remind us of our families and friends.
The first few days I felt so free to be finally living on my own without anyone breathing down my neck and telling me what I could or could not do. My three roommates and I found numerous things we could do that our parents never would let us do. We would go eat fast food at midnight, stay up til four in the morning watching movies on school nights, and even do the occasional crazy act of streaking in the park behind our apartment complex. Freedom was something I...

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