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Personal Philosophy Essay

  • Submitted by: blackbeltnurse
  • on November 12, 2012
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Personal Philosophy
Tracy Martin
Xavier University
Theoretical Bases for Nursing Practice
NURS 501-04
September 1, 2012

Personal Philosophy
Philosophy is the study, or investigation, of the human mind, the existence of reality, intuition, knowledge, and ethics. As a nurse, embodying a personal philosophy is crucial to providing excellent care to my clients and their families, and to having a cohesive and truly effective work environment with my coworkers. Holding a nursing philosophy close to my core self is the foundation that allows me to care for my clients as a whole, to take that extra step, to give my utmost. For without a personal philosophy, the client becomes simply a “job”: de-humanized, impersonal, the work environment a place of apathy, just a logistical machine. Without a philosophy, how can I truly care for my client as a person? Without empathy, how do I view them as more than merely one more job to file through so I can get to the end of my work day? My personal nursing philosophy is simple: I embrace The Golden Rule.
Personal Values and Beliefs
I was raised in a loving, southern Baptist home where the Golden Rule was taught and exemplified. As the youngest of four—and a redhead—I was teased frequently as a child. I knew early on what it felt like to be bullied and mistreated by other young people. That instilled empathy in me to root for the underdog, to face oppression with a strong stance.
From an Early Age
When I was just ten years old, I was proud to don my first of three black belt degrees. By that time, the bullying had stopped, but not because I started throwing front kicks and palm strikes willy-nilly. In the martial arts academy where I practiced my art and learned discipline, we were taught to respect others, to treat one another as we wanted to be treated. We would recite at the beginning and at the end of every class that we would carry ourselves with honor, that we would have courtesy, maintain our integrity,...

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