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Personal Responsibility Essay

  • Submitted by: bradmas
  • on February 17, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Personal Responsibility

People, the greatest asset here on earth, have changed over the years. Some would say the  
change scuttle, others would say there has been a drastic change, but one thing that all agree on is
that we have changed! The change has come in many different forms over the years and the
change in behaviors can be attributed to what is being called the generation gap. Many who
have studied the change in behaviors have put all into four different groups:
  * Traditionalist
  * Baby boomers
  * Generation X
  * Milliniuals
Each group has defining characteristics that define them and most experts feel that overtime
many people feel that because of the evolutions of time that people don’t have as much control
over their actions. This belief is realized within each generation however more so with the
Generation X’ers and the Millinioals. Even though some people feel that they don’t have control
of their actions, people need to own their actions because you cannot become who you want to
be by remaining who you are and the only thing one can control is their attitude.

In today’s society we see more and more evidence that tells us that people are not owning their
actions. We have celebrities that are getting away with unspeakable crimes, we have politicians
who are using politics to get away without doing whets right for the American people, we have
parents who are making excuses for their childs behavior, and we as a people are not taking
ownership for our behaviors.
The question that is I as is why are we not holding ourselves accountable for our actions? Have
we become a society where every morals and values don’t mean anything anymore? Have we
become a society where doing whatever it takes to get the job done is what we do? Have we
become a society that has become so dependent on technology that we have become lazy and
expect everything to be done for us? Have we become a society where we feel that no...

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