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Personal Statement (Rough Draft)

  • Submitted by: Dalerik
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
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Personal statement number 2 rough draft

(tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution OR experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are)

I have a couple qualities about myself that I like that make me unique, but I guess the most important one would be.
  A. My out of the box thinking when it comes to any sort of problem, I usually think weird solutions that don’t make sense, until people see they work, I like that it makes me unique.
  B. When I put my mind to something I always finish it, and I do the best job possible, my work comes out amazing.
  C. I don’t like to lead or be in groups, but I am a great leader, and I am excellent when I take charge of a project, I will go above and beyond on projects, I'm big on showmanship.
  D. I’m told I’m a great skill builder, that I’m really outspoken, I'm great when it comes to any memorization, or really any task given to me.

In my experience I tend to work alone, I much prefer not having to deal with other people as well as not worry about other people or whether they’ll get the work done, I like to wait as long as possible for things, work on my own schedule and always get   things done my way, but when I work with others they are untrustworthy and unreliable to get things done or done right, so I usually have to take charge of the group and assign tasks, and then the project comes out alright when I save the day after every mistake, although it is very natural for me to be a leader I don’t like the weight, responsibility, or stress that comes with being the boss.

I am very used to having to work with people who don’t like to work, or have no ideas, mainly slackers and fools, so ive grown pretty used to taking care of 98% of the work and giving them something to do to make them feel relevant, or I straight up tell them they don’t have to do anything for credit, that is...

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