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Personality Essay

  • Submitted by: phylicia318
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Everyone has their own unique personality, and they all can be defined in their
own ways. When you think of someone’s personality you tend to think of what that
person’s motives and attributes are. Some basic concepts to help explain who you are
as an individual or if you’re trying to explain who someone else is you might think of
self-concept, self-esteem and identity. Those are three basic concepts that I will be
defining that can help give your different perspective on personality. And how they all
relate to the social learning theory.
If you’re not that sure what personality means it is a mix of motives, values,
behavior and attributes. When describing someone’s traits, culture, life experiences or
purpose, you would be describing their personality. Besides physical appearances, the
characteristics in our personality are how we can differentiate from each other. There
are so many personalities in the world that no one is the same, and that’s what’s so
fascinating about it.
When giving your own perspective of your own attributes and characteristics you
would be giving your own self-concept. Everyone will see themselves as they want, but
keep in mind that the way that you might see yourself, won’t always be the way that
others   see you. For instance, you might see yourself as being outgoing, generous and
caring. But when others try to describe your personality they might see you as being
greedy, reserved and inattentive. Everyone has the right to their own opinion
which means that not every perception will always be positive or negative.
If you want to describe “how good you are” as an individual instead of “what you
are” you would be thinking of your own perception of your self-esteem. Your
personal outlook of your attributes and traits as a person, whether they are positive or
negative it’s up to you where your self-esteem stands. You might see yourself as being
on the higher part of the totem...

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