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Personality Essay

  • Submitted by: pepitajones
  • on January 5, 2013
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In what ways do theories of personality emphasise the subjective experience of the individual and what does this contribute to an understanding of personality?

In lectures it was made clear to students that the ‘subjective experience’ of the individual refers to a person’s own experience of themselves and their world, in other words their own personal and unique experiences, perceptions and interpretations of things. So the question is asking in what ways do personality theorists emphasise the subjective/personal perspective of a person as a way of understanding their behaviour and why is this important? The most relevant perspectives would be socio-cognitive and humanism with the most relevant theorists from these two approaches being Kelly and Rogers because of their emphasis on a person’s subjective/personal interpretation of things and how this influences their behaviour/personality.

Note that the question has TWO parts to it. Both parts of the question should be addressed in the essay.

Student essay as written:

Personality is the behaviour and thinking that is innate in the individual that persists across time and situation that differs the individual for trait theory but to suggest that personality is just this is not taking the question into account. Personality psychology is different theories to help us understand personality.
Case studies: psychoanalysis, humanistic and social cognitive.
Laboratory: social cognitive and psychoanalysis.
Psychometric testing: Trait. What’s the point to outlining methods in the introduction? There doesn’t seem to be a point.
Psychodynamic theory is interested in drive, aggression in the conscious and unconscious mind made popular by Sigmund Freud.
The behaviourist, learning theory made popular by Pavlov and Skinner they are interested in cause and effect. Human beings like robots responding to stimuli.
The humanist theory they are interested in the here and now and the individual aims to develop and grow...

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