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Personalized Medicine Essay

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Personalized Medicine
Christopher Jerry
Dr. Kendricks D. Hooker
Biology 115
    January 24, 2012

Personalized medicine an approach that is raising concerns not only among healthcare providers but also among manufacturers, policymakers, and patients. Ideally, personalized medicine would use new methods of genetic testing both to test a patient’s predisposition to a disease and to determine optimal treatment protocols, such as drug dosages. Ultimately, such an approach would help physicians and their patients choose the best individual disease management approach. It also is expected to be used in developing new treatments and identifying subgroups of patients who might be susceptible to certain diseases. In practice, however, personalized medicine will most likely carry with it a number of public policy and legal issues that will have a significant impact on both healthcare providers and their patients. Such issues need to be explored and carefully considered, according to genetics and law.
Benefits of personalized medicine
Ultimately, the personalization of medicine should have enormous benefits. It ought to make disease (and even the risk of disease) evident much earlier, when it can be treated more successfully or prevented altogether. It could reduce medical costs by identifying cases where expensive treatments are unnecessary or futile. It will reduce trial-and-error treatments and ensure that optimum doses of medicine are applied sooner. Most optimistically, personalized medicine could provide the path for curing cancer, by showing why some people contract cancer and others do not, or how some cancer patients survive when others do not.(Personilized medicine. 2011, January 5). Of course, a transition to personalized medicine is not without its Exceptions and drawbacks. Even if the technical challenges can be met.
Exceptions and Drawbacks
There are, of course, important exceptions to this generalization. For example, According to (Andrews, N....

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