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Personialized Medicine Essay

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Richard Bonds
          Strayer University
SCI 115 Introductions to Biology
      Professor: Monica Evans

What is Personalized Medicine?
I wasn’t really sure of what personalized medicine was, but it is as it sounds.   Today in modern medicine we are issued drugs for ailments and cure on a standard bases. In other word the drugs are designed to help many patients in general not specifically. Well what if you have some type of rare blood disease, or chemical imbalance or even a cold. As we presently know each and every human being is a different compartment of genes, chromosomes and DNA. So the chances of a medicine that work for you could be slighted.
But there is a small percentage that they may not work for you at all.   Just think what if you had a medicine specifically design to help you. A small percentage of those medicines that may have not worked for you are reduced, and those that may works but have adverse side effects against your body could be totally eliminated. In this essay we will take a brief look at some particulars about this new aged medicine, like how modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine, some of its limitations, draw backs and finally personalized medicines benefits.

The ideal of personalized medicine was developed twenty years ago by the Swiss company Roche or formerly know as Hoffman-Roche at that time. The initial concept was based on a truth about medical practice: the same drug may induce different reactions according to patients, and for a given patient, some drugs work while others don’t. With the introduction of a treatment of breast cancer in the 1990’s, Roche demonstrated that it was possible to anticipate which patients would or would not benefit from the treatments.
Gene technology is probably the latest technological find in medicine. At the present its most common use is in prenatal, postnatal care, and new born testing. Women have their genes tested...

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